Dawn Fable – A Mothers Journey to CBD

Pharmers Friend Dawn Fable is the Co-Founder of the Press Pause Project. At The Pharm Stand we carry her Muscle & Joint Cream and Healing Balm. Two amazing products made in Colorado. You can tell from the packaging and the carefully chosen ingredients that Dawn puts meticulous care in to her work. Her passion comes from a desire to help people, and that desire comes from her own journey which led her to CBD to combat her generalized anxiety. Take a minute and read about her journey, as she can only tell it.    

Why is CBD Everywhere?

Written By: Dawn Fable

You see, for as long as I can remember- I’ve struggled with “generalized anxiety disorder.” As we all know, anxiety is everywhere. Perhaps it’s a sign of our dysfunctional country and society who can’t get its shit together. Maybe, just maybe,  it’s being able to peer into other’s lives thru the lens of social media, or one might wonder if it’s the  awful chemicals we ingest in our food today? In all reality, it’s probably a combination of all of the above and really just boils down to this thing called “LIFE.”

For me, my generalized anxiety started to spin wildly out of control after I had children. Maybe it was my hormones, maybe it was the fact I was responsible for other living and breathing human beings or maybe it was the fact that I was working full time, trying to be a decent wife and contributing member to society. Oh, and let’s not forget, trying to pretend to be a perfect mom that had my shit together at all times. Truth be told, I was exhausted. Like so many other moms out there, I was drowning my stress in bottles of Kim Crawford and my trusty 10mg of Lexapro, but it just wasn’t doing the trick.

Many of you ask how the Press Pause Project all came to fruition.  Interestingly, several years ago, my husband and I invested in a CBD company who sold raw ingredients to companies who make CDB products for the end user- skincare, dog treats, tinctures, gummies, tea, you name it!  At the time, I had not a clue what CBD was other than I heard it was related to the cannabis and I had heard stories about every other millennial making millions from the industry and thought maybe I could do the same.  As I got more involved in this company, I started meeting more and more people who shared their stories of how CBD was changing lives.  These magical testimonials were endless-  CBD for diabetes, CBD for cancer,  CBD for parkinsons, CBD for MS,  CBD for arthritis,  CBD forsleep, you name it. I thought to myself, if it helps those things, I wonder if could help my  anxiety. I’ll be damn, it did. At first, I thought it was a coincidence or perhaps a placebo effect. But, I really felt it working.  I noticed a significant difference and started feeling a bit calmer, a little less anxious, like things rolled of their backs a little easier. Shit, maybe I was onto something? I started shouting from the rooftops on how this stuff really worked.

Throughout my CBD exploration, I was trying different CBD products and for the most part, relatively disenchanted with all of about 2 of them. I found that CBD companies were popping up everywhere and trying to capitalize on people’s desperations with overpriced poor quality product. It disheartened me that the industry was being jaded.  People were desperate to feel better and shame on these companies were ripping sick people off with a product that was bound not to work. Ultimately, creating a bad reputation for a plant based medicine that is so very powerful, given the right product.  So…… as if I didn’t have enough on my plate, working full time, kiddos, life- I set out to formulate and create a product of our own that I could stand behind.

So… here we are asking the question of, How, did I get here behind CBD? Well, I discovered I am the poster child for this incredible life changing molecule. I am that stressed out woman looking for relief.   Weirdly, everywhere I looked, I saw that very women. I saw her in the tribe of women I called my best friends, I saw her on the cover of Fortune magazine running a multi million dollar company, I saw her in the pre-school pick up line, I saw her in my aging mother,  I saw her hiding behind her perfect social media feed, I saw her everywhere

Every day, I am thankful for my journey. I am thankful for finding CBD, or perhaps CBD found me. I’m proud to admit I am that woman and I am proud to help others.




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