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What Is It?

JOY ORGANICS CBD SALVE is USDA Certified Organic. It contains 1000mgs or 500mgs of Broad-Spectrum CBD (We carry both sizes). It is a topical herbal treatment. Topicals are applied directly to a part of the body for their healing properties. The three primary kinds of topicals are salves, infused oils, and creams or lotions. A salve is different from an oil or cream due to its density. Salves are more solid, and feel like a wax, though typically softer than balms. JOY ORGANICS CBD SALVE is meant to be applied to the skin, and rubbed in thoroughly as needed throughout the day.

What’s In It?

    100mg (or 500mg) Broad Spectrum Hemp Extract

– Hemp Extract can be a confusing term for CBD newbies, but the term is simply interchangeable with CBD when it comes to this product. Broad Spectrum Hemp Extract means that this product does not contain THC, but still contains all the other cannabinoids that come from the Hemp plant. CBD’s medicinal properties include reduced anxiety and inflammation.

    Organic Beeswax

– Beeswax is a naturally occurring wax produced in bee hives by honey bees. Beeswax is used to give salves the base for its harder texture, and add the benefit of skin health. According to a double-blind study conducted in August 2018 beeswax is good for sensitive skin and it also hydrates the skin. In a clinical trial conducted in December 2003 the combination of beeswax, natural honey, and olive oil helped improve skin condition caused by dermatitis or psoriasis. Beeswax has also been linked to reduce cholesterol and fungal skin infections, but according to WebMD there is no good scientific research to support these claims. In my own research I was not able to find any scientific evidence to dispute WebMD’s claim, so for now lets just conclude that beeswax is best for skincare.

    Organic Essential Oils

– The two organic essential oils used in JOY ORGANICS CBD SALVE are Lavender and Eucalyptus. Lavender is a flowering plant in the mint family. There are many benefits to using Lavender, and the most common is the inhalation (aroma therapy) of it for anxiety and depression. When Lavender is used topically it has shown results of reducing pain, as indicated in a clinical trial conducted in 2013. Eucalyptus is a flowering tree and the inhalation of its minty aroma reduces pain and inflammation, as shown in this June 2013 randomized clinical trial.

What Is It Best For?

The best use of JOY ORGANICS CBD SALVE would be for inflammation and pain if you need pinpoint accuracy. Whether you have chronic knee pain or a bruised elbow this salve can be applied to give you the relieve you need in that area. The CBD and the essential oils take care of the pain. The added bonus of this product is that it is also good for skin health.

This product has health benefits in abundance, just like all the products sold in the Pharm Stand CBD Wellness Store and on our website. Our goal is to give our customer products that are beneficial for overall mind and body wellness. This JOY ORGANICS CBD SLAVE fits the bill. Enjoy!

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Whats Is it?

HATH BETTER DAYS is a 25mg. full spectrum capsule. The capsules are meant to be taken everyday, similarly to other dietary supplements. A dietary supplement helps assure that you get enough of the vital substances the body needs to function correctly, and that is exactly what HATH BETTER DAYS capsules do.

Whats In It?

25mg. Full Spectrum Hemp Extract– Hemp Extract can be a confusing term for CBD newbies. Some customers seem to be comforted by the word CBD appearing on the Box. In the case of HATH BETTER DAYS, full spectrum hemp extract is interchangeable with full spectrum CBD. This means the product contains CBD and traces of THC (less than 0.3%). If you would like to check what is in HATH BETTER DAYS capsules it has been independently tested by a third party lab, and every box contains a QR code which shows you the results of the independent test. I scanned a random box of these capsules and the results show that there is 23.5mg of CBD and 0.14% of THC, making it a full spectrum capsule.

500mg Tumeric– Tumeric is a flowering plant and the root of that plant is considered a superfood. Superfoods are particularly beneficial for health and well being. Tumeric is used in many Indian cuisine; it gives curry its yellow color and mustard-esque aroma. The benefits medicinally come from a compound in Tumeric called Curcumin which contains anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties among numerous other health benefits.

10mg. Black Pepper Extract– Considered one of the most used spices in the world (Fun Fact- peppercorns are fruits). Black pepper is not well known for its healing benefits, though it should be. Black pepper is loaded with a compound called Piperine which has medicinal properties; it is good for brain health, inflammation, cholestoral, and has several other benefits. Check out all the science backed health benefits here.

An added bonus of having black pepper extract and tumeric in the HATH BETTER DAYS supplement is that they work well together. Piperine in black pepper enhances the absorption of the Curcumin found in Tumeric. According to a clinical trial piperine increases curcumin absorption in the body by 2000%. This greatly increases the likelihood that the benefits of curcumin will be felt addressing your needs.

What Is It Best For?

The best use would be for inflammation. All three ingredients in HATH BETTER DAYS (full spectrum CBD, Turmeric, Black Pepper Extract), have anti-inflammatory properties. This combination makes this product a great buy for chronic pain caused by inflammation. Inflammation can be brought on by heart disease, cancer, arthritis, or just daily bumps and bruises. If you have any of these ailments this product is for you. In addition,  Full Spectrum CBD is also great for generalized anxiety, so this product has benefits in abundance, just like all the products sold in the Pharm Stand CBD Wellness Store and on our website. Our goal is to give the customer products that are beneficial for overall mind and body wellness. HATH BETTER DAYS capsules fits the bill. Enjoy!




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