Hath 24-Hour Patch - 70 mg (5 Pack)


Hath 24-Hour Patch - 70 mg (5 Pack)

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Feel better all day with the HATH 24-Hour Patch. Marathon training off to a rocky start? Have a killer serve that helps win the match but makes your pay later? About to play 18 holes of golf, but your body’s only cut out for 12?

Now delivering more rich hemp extract (70mg), each HATH 24-Hour Patch will bring you the nonstop recovery required to get your body back to where you need it to be and operating at your peak performance level! Some days
there's no time for downtime — that’s where HATH steps in.


70mg Hemp Extract in each Patch.

Patches can be used as a daily regimen, or sporadically as needed.

Derived from USA, organically-grown hemp. Vegan, Kosher & Gluten-free.

Waterproof and sweatproof.

Use provided alcohol pad to clean a flat, hairless and unbroken patch of skin (Preferably the inner forearm). Peel the patch from it's backing and place it on desired area. Apply mild pressure with palm of hand for 20-30 seconds to secure patch to skin. Keep on for 24 hours.

Acrylic adhesive, polymer blend, hemp extract