Deborah Waddell


Deborah is a Certified Cannabinoid Consultant as well as a Cannabinoid Educator since graduating from the Cannabis Coaching Institute in 2021.  Deborah therefore focuses on healthy cannabis use and client care, building awareness and new habits.  She studies thoroughly on how and why cannabis works based on scientific data as well as knowing the legalities and ethical nature of the world of cannabis. Currently she is earning another certification from Dr. Sulak, a renowned integrative medicine physician and leader in the emerging world of cannabinoid medicine, who lectures to healthcare providers internationally on the science and clinical applications of cannabis.  He has served over 18,000 patients.  Deborah is now the director of The Pharm Stand and runs all educational and compliance related efforts. 

Deborah also holds a certificate in whole plant-based food and teaches at various locations in The Villages, a resident
of The Villages for the past ten years.  She teaches the benefits of disease prevention via whole food lantanas based diet
on thirty years of evidence-based research. Deborah is a retired acupuncturist of 13 years and had the fourth largest practice in New Jersey where she saw 75-100 patients per week.  She specialized in pain management and fertility and received her Masters in acupuncture from the Eastern School of Acupuncture in Montclair, NJ. Deborah was also on the Editorial Advisory Board of Natural Practitioner Magazine where she provided her expertise on acupuncture, Chinese Medicine and Plant-based
foods though the T Colin Campbell Foundation through eCornell University.  Deborah graduated top of her class and was awarded the honor of “WOMAN OF THE YEAR”, an honor that was bestowed on a Non-Traditional student, analogous to valedictorian. 

Deborah was awarded a research fellowship to New Jersey Institute of Technology to perform research on the utilization of
indigenous bacteria to remediate petroleum hydrocarbons in-situ.  Deborah also performed research on The Effects of Heavy Metal Contamination on the Germination Response of Spartina alterniflora which was published in The Environmental Journal of Toxicology, 1988 and Deborah was invited to present her findings to the National Academy of Sciences.