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"A couple of years ago, when I started to feel the old aches and pains of a mid 60-year-old, I discovered CBD and I am so glad because every time I go play golf, I wear my Hath Patch"

Peter Jacobsen, Pro Golfer and Commentator

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Feel the Relief

“I am scheduled to have hip replacement in 6 weeks and have been experiencing excruciating pain from my hip to my ankle. The pain was not manageable, even with extra strength ibuprofen! Thankfully I met the folks at The Pharm Stand in Brownwood two weeks ago and they advised me to try Upstate Elevator for pain and sleep. This is a godsend and I am pain free while enjoying a good night’s sleep.” - Gail Benoit, The Villages Resident

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In Full Swing

“Wear and tear on my body is catching up with me. I've had three major surgeries, four minor, and now the aging process, arthritis in my lower back and my hip is giving me discomfort on the golf course. It was recommended that I add CBD to combat the discomfort. I’ve interacted with Pharm Stand and am taking their MEDTERRA CBG + CBD Tincture. I take it orally before my rounds of golf. I'm now playing with no discomfort or stiffness. My swing is longer, with more power, and I'm getting my distance back. Highly recommend using this product.” - Jack Newton, The Villages Resident

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