Dr. Frank Boskello

Frank Boskello, MD

Frank Boskello has lived in The Villages since October 2016. Prior to moving to The Villages Frank lived in Connecticut with his wife Geri and two children. Dr. Boskello achieved a doctorate and specialized in medication therapy management, performance improvement, and geriatric pharmacology. He conducted research and was an investigator in the following areas: hypertension, diabetes and pediatric asthma. Dr. Boskello's teaching credentials included clinical instructor at the University of Connecticut, the Connecticut Community College system, St. Vincent's College and the University of St. Joseph. He was
also the founder and CEO of Fairfield Clinical Consulting, LLC. In The Villages, Dr. Boskello is a volunteer in the Medical Reserve Corps and a member of the Pharmaceutical club. He is passionate about medication safety and he shared his knowledge of the subject at the Enrichment Academy and continues to speak to various clubs and organizations.