Our educational goal is to provide anyone with information about cannabis, and the many nuances surrounding the hemp plant. Join us in this journey to eventually de-stigmatize and welcome the natural plant based benefits you possibly can experience from the cannabis plant. We work hard with our team to individualize a client’s needs. Our goal is to replenish and improve your endocannabinoid system to therefore, live a more balanced life.




We love hosting live and in person informative, fun, lively get togethers for groups, one on one, either at The Pharm Stand, a recreation center or at someone’s home or Online/Virtual. We have plenty of options to simply spread the good word about hemp and its benefits to our own body, based on scientific studies.
Topics can range from CBD 101, to specific ailments and then subsequent interventions, to skin,
and even intimacy.


Our mission is to educate our community on the benefits of cannabinoid based therapies, and there is no easier way than an on line webinar. We will host throughout the year, even with special guests, to destigmatize and learn about the cannabis plant and its medicinal properties
to lead a more balanced day to night life.