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3 ways CBD can help make the bedroom more enjoyable 

It sounds like the biggest internet myth of all time. But the truth is: CBD may help enhance your sex life. Anecdotal studies show people who use CBD intimacy products feel more satisfied. In fact, Remedy Review surveyed 1000 people and 68% said “CBD oil for sexual purposes” improved their sexual experience. 


But before we explain how that’s possible, let’s understand how CBD interacts with the body. There is a vast network of cell receptors throughout the body and brain that helps regulate everything from appetite and pain to memory and mood. This network is known as the Endocannabinoid System (ECS). It’s purpose is to help the body reach and maintain homeostasis—a balanced environment for cells to optimally perform. The body naturally produces endocannabinoids to support this system, but like any nutrient, it can become deficient in endocannabinoids, especially as we get older, which can result in an imbalance of our ECS. CBD is a natural cannabinoid that is recognized by the ECS so it can interact and stimulate the ECS to help bring the body back into balance.


Now back to the bedroom….



When you're in pain—from overdoing it on the pickleball court or tweaking your back teeing off—the last thing you want or can do is be intimate. This is where CBD may come in handy. When applied topically (using a rub or roll-on) to the affected area, CBD absorbs into the skin and activates nearby cannabinoid receptors, which helps reduce and regulate discomfort.. Some people may experience relief hours after application, while others may need two to three  applications to feel the results. Once the pain subsides, you’ll be back to being “active” in no time.



When your mind is racing and you’re feeling stressed, being intimate is the last thing on our list. According to Psychology Today, stress directly affects your hormone levels, which can lead to a lower libido. Dosing CBD Oil sublingually (under the lounge and holding for at least 30 seconds) and consistently (twice daily) can help reduce stress and calm a racing mind by bringing the body back into balance. This allows you to be more present in the moment and enjoy your couple time.



CBD is known to increase blood flow to tissues and improve nerve sensation, which can help make your sexual experience more enjoyable. Using a CBD intimacy oil, like Quim Intimacy Serum, can result in more intensified moments and a more enjoyable experience all around.